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Have you seen Trendlistr yet?


Recently we got to work on a really fun branding project for Trendlistr - A brand new fashion marketplace which offers vintage clothing for modern closets. Although it's a fairly recent startup, we can already tell they are going to do big things! 

Even if you're not a big fan of the vintage trend, Trendlistr's instagram and blog offer great style tips on how to mix vintage items with your everyday closet for a subtle effect.

The great thing about Trendlistr is that unlike other similar marketplaces, the items & sellers are curated which makes it a much more enjoyable experience than having to trawl through 100's of bog standard photos to try and find a really nice piece.

Instead, it focuses on high-quality vintage sellers and showcases them on a website that looks like any other online fashion shop - appealing to the young, digitally native and fashion-conscious crowd who don’t want to search through thousands of listings.

Below is a few examples of the branding we created, and some examples of items from their website.



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trendlistr fashion branding stop design agency newcastle
trendlistr branding stop design newcastle